Our mission

The TwinValue project is aimed at clarifying the business value and integration requirements for the digital twin of a building, or in other words, an integrated software solution that can manage and update both static and dynamic information of a building across its life-cycle phases (e.g. “as-planned”, “as-designed”, “as-built”), thus coupling the physical asset with its digital representation or counterpart.

Our project goals can be summarized with the following research questions:

How to evaluate the business value of “digital twin” software solutions for the management of building life-cycle information?

How to manage the sharing or linking of building data (between different stakeholders) that is needed for a “digital twin” software solution?

During the first phase of the project, we will gather information about existing, current or planned use cases for the digital twin in construction and building operations, together with our partner organizations. Through interviews and interactive workshops, we will analyze how different practitioners understand and evaluate the value of the digital twin and the conditions that must be met at the technical, business or socio-organizational level to exchange or share information about built assets with other actors.

During the second phase of the project, we will focus on proposing a viable ownership and governance model for the information that is shared across different stages across the whole life-cycle of a building. This model will support the development of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for a digital twin software solution, covering some of use cases identified in the previous phase and that could potentially be commercialized in Finland and abroad. The digital twin pilot will be run by the companies participating in our project network.

The TwinValue research project is supported by Business Finland.